Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically


Use a real coordinate system on the floor and ropes to draw straight lines and find the point of intersection.

Learning Goals

Find the solution of two simultaneous equations graphically.

Depth of Knowledge

Students will be able to represent different linear equations graphically. They will also change the subject of some equations to make y the subject to be able to represent the equation. They will also be able differentiate between different kinds of pairs of lines ( intersecting, parallel and coincident).


SEC Standards

Grade 9 standards .

Standard 9.4.3: Use graphical methods to find the approximate solution of a pair of simultaneous linear equations with two unknowns, on paper and using ICT.

Student Levels & Needs

This project is intended to all levels of students. It has kinesthetic, tactile, visual and auditory learning styles.

Teacher Preparation

Teachers need to revise to students how to plot a straight line give its equation. Teachers need to revise to students to change the subject of a formula. Then explain the meaning of the point of intersection of two lines and how to read it.


Download: advanced L.P-lesson(1).doc

Materials Needed

ropes- coordinate plane - logico boards - bell

Time Needed

2 hours

Project Lessons & Activities

Attached activities and worksheets.

Practice Exercises & Worksheets

Download: logico simultaneous equations.docx

Download: matching cards.asd.docx

Download: hot potato activity.asd.docx

Download: advanced worksheet 1.asd.docx

Download: advanced worksheet 2.asd.docx

Interactive Media & Technology



Simultaneous Equations, Graph, Substitution, Elimination, Common point, Intersection, linear equation




Participation, teacher observation, solving worksheets and checking homework.

Student Work


Student Data


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