3.OA.D.8 Solve Two Step Word Problems_Building Blocks

3.OA.D.8 Solve Two-Step Word Problems

Evidence Statement 3.C.5-1 Present solutions to two-step problems in the form of valid chains of reasoning, using symbols such as equals signs appropriately (for example,  rubric award less than full credit for the presence of nonsense statements such as 1 +4=5 +7=12, even if the answer is correct), or identify or describe errors in solutions to two-step problems and present corrected solutions. Content Scope: 3.OA.8

Building Blocks

Daniel used 121 building blocks to make 6 cars and a garage. 

He used 9 building blocks to make each car. 

How many building blocks did he use to make the garage?

Write the equation or equations to find the number of building blocks used to make the garage.

Student Copy

Download: 3.OS.D.8_Building_Blocks.docx

Scoring Rubric

Score 2 Student response includes the following 2 elements.  

  • Reasoning component = 2 points  
    • The total blocks used for the cars with supporting work
    • The total blocks used for the garage with supporting work 

Sample student response:

Daniel used 6x9=54 blocks to make the cars.

121-50 = 71


He used 67 building blocks to make the garage.

Score 1 Student response include 1 of the above elements. 

Score 0 Student response is incorrect or irrelevant.



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