4.OA.A.3 Solving Multi-Step Word Problems With Unknown Quantity #2

4.OA.A.3 Solving Multi-Step Word Problems With Unknown Quantity

Evidence Statement 4.C.6-1 Present solutions to multi-step problems in the form of valid chains of reasoning, using symbols such as equal signs appropriately (for example, rubrics award less than full credit  for the presence of non sense statements such as 1 + 4= 5 + 7=12, even if the final answer is correct.) or identify or describe errors in solutions to multi-step problems and present corrected solutions.

Amusement Part Rides


Part A

There are 146 children and 98 adults in line at the amusement park to ride the new roller coaster. 

Each car on the roller coaster holds 6 passengers. 

How many cars will be needed to carry all of the passengers?

Enter your equation or equations in the space provided

 Part B

The line

If 10 people decide to get out of line and go get ice cream instead, will 40 cars be enough to carry all the passengers?




The student includes the following 4 elements.   

Reasoning Component = 4 points   

·      Total number of passengers, 244

·      Total amount of cars needed, 41

·      Total number of cars needed when 10 passengers leave, 39

·      Student provides the correct reasoning that 40 cars will be enough to carry all of the passengers. They only need 39.


Student response includes 3 of the 4 elements.  


Student response includes 2 of the 4 elements.    


Student response includes 1 of the 4 elements.   


Student response is incorrect or invalid.    

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