4.OA.3 Task 2-me

A flood of new bike sharing apps are available to use in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in recent months, and the variety of options has left would-be cyclists with plenty of rental options.

  • The Wheeley app costs $5 per every 180 minutes
  • Lend-O-Bike apps costs $1per every 30 minutes
  • RideOn app costs $3 per every 60 minutes
  • MyBike app costs $2 per every 45 minutes

If  you needed a bike for a  3 hour bike ride around the Inner Harbor with your friends, what would be the best  bike sharing app for the cheapest 3 hour ride and why?  If you went to the cheapest bike rental app bike stand and there were no bikes available, what bike app would you try to use next and why?

Score Description 
Student response includes the following 3 elements:
  • Reasoning Component = 2 points 
Valid explanation of answer with supporting details from the questionsValid explanation given for the correct comparison
  • Computation Component = 1 point 
The student provides a correct comparison of 1 hour vs 3 hours
Student response includes 2 of the 3 elements.  
Student response includes 1 of the 3 elements. 
Student response is incorrect or invalid.  
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