STE(A)M Truck

GoPro Learning Challenge

STE(A)M Truck, our mobile makerspace

    • Imagine if youth saw themselves as producers and not just consumers.
    • Imagine if learning to use your hands also taught you how to thrive in life.
    • Imagine if we harness the collective expertise of a community.
    • Imagine if we create a scalable and replicable model that fundamentally reshapes how youth receive a public education.

    Community Guilds provides two programs designed to address the opportunity gap and promote key skills among students. We inspire kids, between ages 8-16, to learn science, technology, engineering, arts and math with STE(A)M Truck™, a mobile maker space (Georgia’s first) that allows kids to build, tinker and make things. For older youth, between ages 16-18, we create hands-on apprenticeship learning opportunities to earn a wage in an environment of creativity, innovation and self-discipline. Both programs use the design thinking process and maker movement concepts to teach students the habits of mind and traits critical to success. We do that by having youth tackle a problem, design a solution and then go build something together.

    Now imagine the using the GoPro camera to catch this learning and post it on line.  

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