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Author William Howlett is Irish, but has spent much of his professional life as a physician and educator for patients and medical students at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania. “Neurology in Africa” is based on a compendium Dr. Howlett made for his students in Tanzania. This gradually developed into a textbook. Dr. William Howlett BRIC, Bergen 2012 The book was published in September 2012.

Download: Introduction and Preface .pdf

Download: CH 1 History and Examination.pdf

Download: CH 2 Localization.pdf

Download: CH 3 Public Health.pdf

Download: CH 4 Epilepsy.pdf

Download: CH 5 Stroke.pdf

Download: CH 6 Neurological Infections.pdf

Download: CH 7 Protozoal and Helminthic Infections.pdf

Download: CH 8 Neurological Illness in HIV Disease.pdf

Download: CH 9 Coma and Transient Loss of Consciousness.pdf

Download: CH 10 Paraplegia non Traumatic.pdf

Download: CH 11 Disorders of Peripheral Nerves.pdf

Download: CH 12 Cranial Nerve Disorders.pdf

Download: CH 13 Myopathies and Myasthenia Gravis.pdf

Download: CH 14 Movement Disorders and Motor Neurone Disease.pdf

Download: CH 15 Headache and Facial Pain.pdf

Download: CH 16 Intracranial Tumours.pdf

Download: CH 17 Dementia .pdf

Download: CH 18 Inherited Neurological Disorders.pdf

Download: CH 19 Head and Spinal Injury.pdf

Download: CH 20 Care in Neurology.pdf

Download: Index, Abbreviations and Useful Websites .pdf

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