Get to Know You! , Novice High, English Foundation

Get to Know You! Activity

Theme: Introductions and hometowns

Descriptions: Students will begin this course by introducing themselves and describing their hometowns to their partner. They will utilize their language and share as much as they can

Relevant Can-Do statements:

  • I can exchange recommendations with a friend regarding the best places to visit in my hometown.
  • I can ask and answer questions regarding popular locations in my hometown.
  • I can share my preferences regarding things I like to do in hometown.

Materials Needed:



Google Slide Presentation (need access)

Hometown Question Cards (1 card per person) (Print & Laminate)

Download: Hometown_Question_Cards.pdf


  1. Play Kahoot with the students to review lab rules!
  2. Give a whiteboard and a marker to each student.
  3. They will play the game “one word.” The rule is that the students can only use one word to answer the question. First they will write down their response and then share it with the group. You can use the questions below and make up their own.

Main Activity

  1. Today we are going to share a few things about our hometowns. Does anyone know what “hometown(use your language)” means? It is the place where you start your life, the city where someone grows up. For example, my hometown is _____.”

  2. Use Google Images to have students search for their hometowns + illustrated map or favorite town. Students will act as tour guides. They will describe their favorite places or their home town to their partners.

    "I have an example of Boise on the screen. This map has some of my favorite places in them. If you cant find your home town, try to find a city nearby or choose one that you really like."

  3. Distribute a hometown question cardto each student and put them in pairs.

    “Now we are going to take turns with the questions on the cards. The objective is to understand more about your partners hometown. Also you should give recommendations to your partner about your hometown.”

  4. After they've shared with their partners, have them share one thing they learned to the group.

    “After you do these questions, we are going to share our cities with the group. We are also going to share something new that you now know about your partners hometown.”


Wrap-Up Questions:

  • How is your city similar to others? How is it different?
  • Return to Can-Do Statements and have students self-reflect 

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