Learn 3D Design Using Tinkercad

The lessons are grouped into 4 main lessons with several objectives added for practice and further exploration after learning the basic controls and features.

3D Design Introduction:  In the snowman tutorial you will learn about perspective and how to begin making a snowman in 3D.

Lesson 1: In Tutorial 1 you will learn about the left control bar, basic shapes, and left/right click. Before you start, get a mouse. Tinkercad is almost impossible without one. For these videos, a left click is yellow and a right click is red.

Lesson 2: In Tutorial 2 you will learn about the  the shape editor window and the sizing handles.

Lesson 3: In Tutorial 3 you will learn about the top menu bar.

Lesson 4:  In Tutorial 4 you will learn about other shape generators and moving the workplane.

Digging Deeper with Tinkercad and Combining Other Resources

Building a Heart Shaped Box: In the heart box tutorial you will learn how to make a heart, a heart shaped container, and a matching lid.

Easy Custom Text: In this Google Drawing Tutorial you will learn how to use Google Drawing to create custom text to import into Tinkercad.

Tinkercad and The NOUN Project SVG Import Tutorial:  In this NOUN Project tutorial you will learn how to use The NOUN Project to find SVG graphics and import them into Tinkercad.

Tinkercad and Selva3D: In this Selva3D tutorial you will learn how to turn any jpg image file into a 3D STL file to import into Tinkercad.

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