Brief history of the internet

Brief history of the internet

The first time the term "internet" was used was in 1974 in an article by Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn on the TCP / IP protocol but it will still take a few years and the demilitarization of the network in 1990 for this term to become then the one we know.

The web
monitor-1307227_1920.jpgThe web

The web

Computers before the internet

In 1946 is the birth of the first computers in different English and American universities.
Then began in 1951 the period of commercialization to the public, computers gradually stop being military and university machines to become commercial products likely to interest other people.

It is at the end of the fifties that the computer will be considered as an innovation change all social and economic structures of society. That's what's going to happen: IT is going to be a real revolution,
especially from the 70s which will see the appearance of the microcomputer.

Internet before internet

Before the Internet became Internet, the web and went through several stages, first of all the creation of the computer program SAGE, a project of the US Army and the academics for possible counter bomber attack and coordinate a flow of massage by computer much larger than what we know of our day.

Then SAGE serves as prototype for the networked system: SABER creates in collaboration between
IBM engineer and American Airline, network aims to be the first
computer reservation system and at the same time the first commercial network.
APRNET then arrives the Advanced research projects agency network in English is the first network to transfer packets.
Developed in the United States teleprocessing is very close to the DARPA (the US Department of Defense)
especially on the possibility of working together at a distance.

Then comes Ray Tomlison who created the mainting-list (e-mail) and the "@" at the same time
We are in the middle of the 70's is started spoke of "internet" thanks to the article written by Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn
in 1983. The APRNET network and split in two one for the armed and one for the civil ones.

The Web

In 1990 the network is totally demilitarized, it's early internet!
Often confused and synonymous in the vocabulary of most people,
the web and most of the time we think when we say the word internet but the web is not internet.

The Web is an internet application like the email can be, invented by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau:
The "World Wide Web" of its full name makes it possible to consult, with a browser, pages accessible on sites.

In 1993, the first web was only used to put documents on line linked by hyperlinks and then in 2003 it develops and exchanges and share content self-produced by Internet users, through the media
social is created.

Subsequently in 2008 the creation of software that can share, reuse or combine information
available on the web through algorithms revolutionizes the Web and its latest evolution dates from 2010 where the Web allows working with computer tools (software tools and storage tools) only line (the cloud).

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