Random Shakespearean Insult Generator Lesson (view)

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Unit 1
Array, Coding, Computer Science, Debugging, Debugging Programs, ELA, Functions, Literature, PASTEM, PASTEMTOOLKIT, Shakespeare, Theme, Tone, Raspberry Pi, Swift, Scratch, Swift Playgrounds, Coding Integration
Coding, ELA, Literature, Shakespeare, PASTEMTOOLKIT, Computer Science, Array


This lesson integrates coding and computer science into English Language Arts for the purpose of fostering appreciation of Shakespearean wit and language and to provide students exposure to coding. Students first choose words that carry insulting connotations from a Shakespearean play and then create a program that randomly generates insults based upon those found words. Swift Playgrounds, Scratch, or Raspberry Pi are recommended resources for creating this project, and links to projects are provided for each of these platforms. Sample code and directions are provided. Students who are beginning to learn coding may complete the code while more advanced individuals may modify the program or create their own.