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Knowing The Unknown of our Environment


Often times when I walk throughout the woods I wonder how different would the woods be if I wasn't there.

To study the natural environment you almost need to sneak up on it to see it without disrupting the natural setting of the woods. Being able to see the woods from an animal's point of view would be a large benefit to many agriculture class at Hamilton Central. This would give the opportunity to show video on the real life environment without needing to be there. This would help students at HCS,

Taking a Gopro camera and putting it on the back of a dog during a long day of hunting would be a benefit to everyone who would like to know what goes on it the woods when humans are not around. The idea is that many things would be occurring without a human present. During the start of the chase, a dog will jog and occasionally stop and sniff all around, giving us a great opportunity to see the woods from a new view. A typical run in coyote hunting is about 2 hours long giving us an ample amount of time for recording. Once the run is over that will give us a great chance to change the battery.

Using the Gopro for this activity will really test all of the features of the camera, everything when the dogs run through a river will test being waterproof, and even how durable it is when the dogs are running under trees and it hits branches and other objects. Using this footage in the classroom will help us learn movements of the dog and all the different abilities a wild dog can do from its 180 degree turns to being able to jump over even the tallest fences in small animal care. Even environmental education by seeing everything that occurs in the woods when people are not around. Also whether or not the environment and animals is dramatically different or not having a video to show in class about the woods would bc able to help the students that are in the class and not able to go out and experience the wilderness. This would help younger students to, sometimes it would be a little too much to take an entries class out to where you can see numerous animals. Yes you could go out in a trees stand and take pictures and video but you won’t be getting the opportunity to see up to a 5 mile stretch of land that the dogs go through almost every run. The classes could make this a project to first learning about dogs and also the animals in the wilderness. Then once the footage is taken they will see if they can identify different animals or even different trees.

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