Valentines Day Reader's Theatre

Lesson Plan

Date: 2/13/19

Age Level for this lesson: Fourth Grade

Subject: Reading/Language Arts

1. Objectives and Goals


Apply context clues (e.g., word, phrase, and sentence clues) and text features (e.g., maps, illustrations, charts) to determine the meanings of unknown words.


Explain major differences between poems, plays, and prose, and refer to the structural elements of poems and drama.

In this lesson, we will go to the analyze level of Bloom’s Taxonomy as students examine vocabulary words in the context of a short play. By the end of the lesson, I would like my students to feel like they have a comprehensive understanding of what their vocabulary words mean and how to use them, as well as a basic understanding of how a play may be different than a story. I hope to get them there through an engaging Reader’s Theater skit to give their vocabulary words context and a class discussion afterwards. I will gage their completion of this learning goal based upon their ability to use vocabulary correctly in an exit ticket assignment.

2. Anticipatory Set

Before beginning, I will engage students by asking about the day’s holiday, Valentine’s Day, and then segway into the day’s lesson by asking students about prior knowledge of plays and vocabulary.

3. Direct Instruction

I will explain how student volunteers are going to come up and do a skit that includes all of our vocabulary words. I will also explain how students can use the context clues in which these words are found to help them determine their definitions at the lesson’s end. Lastly, I will hand out scripts to the students who would like to be in the Reader’s Theater and paper hearts to those listening

4. Guided Practice

Students will then watch/participate in the skit and listen for their vocabulary words. To encourage active listening, I will have those not in the skit hold up their paper heart when one of the vocabulary words is said.  

5. Closure

After the skit is completed, we will come back together for a class discussion on how the vocabulary words were used in context and create our own comprehensive definition list on the board.

6. Independent Practice

After the Reader’s Theater skit is finished and we have worked as a class to define the vocabulary words through context clues, students will then use the hearts they had used as their signifier during the skit to write on and use 2-3 vocabulary words in a sentence as a Valentine for someone. I will go around and check off each student to make sure they used the words correctly, and then they would be free to give their Valentine to their friend, parent, or whoever else they may choose.

7. Required Materials and Equipment

For this lesson, I need a whiteboard to write the vocabulary words, and later their subsequent definitions on the board, the Reader’s Theatre Valentine scripts that I wrote and printed, and enough paper hearts for the class.

8. Assessment and Follow-Up

This material is primarily in place to assist students on a vocabulary test, where they have to be able to match words with their definition and use them properly in a sentence. This lesson will hopefully engage them so that they can remember this material with ease.

Vocabulary Words:












A Valentine’s Day Mystery

Setting: a modern day fourth grade classroom on Valentine’s Day


Noah: a fourth grade student

Amy: a fourth grade student

Alex: a fourth grade student

Scene 1:

Noah: Hey guys!

Amy and Alex: Hey Noah! What’s up?

Noah: Nothing much. I’m really excited for today’s Valentine’s Day party though! I can’t believe our extraordinary teacher Miss Abi got us all that candy!

Amy: Yeah! But wait, where is it?

Alex: (points to desk) It was right there yesterday!

Amy: It’s gone!


Alex: I’m sure it is still in here somewhere! We’ve just got to find it!

Amy: Great idea!

Noah: I’m confused. I don’t know where we would even start.

Alex: We’ve just got to be creative and think of ALL the different places it might be!

Noah: OH what if it is in that random bag? (points to backpack on floor in the middle of the room)

Amy: Hmm... that is peculiar.

Noah: (runs over to backpack and begins shaking it)

Amy: Be careful, you wouldn’t want to break any candy! They might be fragile!

Alex: (takes bag and looks inside) Nope, not in there.

Noah: Unless its INVISIBLE candy!

Amy: (rolls her eyes and continues) What if it is over by the door?

(All three students go to the door and look around.)

Noah: I don’t see anything! This is going to be the most tragic Valentine’s Day party ever!

Amy: Noah is right. This is a disaster! We will never find the candy.

Alex: Guys, we can’t give up! We’ve just got to concentrate! Now if I were Miss Abi’s candy, where would I be?

Noah: (has an idea “lightbulb” moment) Think about what Miss Abi does on a typical day!

Amy: Goes to her podium to prepare for the day?

Alex: (gasps) She goes to her podium to prepare for the day!

(The three kids rush to behind the podium where they find the candy!)

Noah, Alex, and Amy: HOORAY WE FOUND IT!

Noah: This is the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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