Ozobots Geometry


  • TSW use color combinations to code Ozobots to complete designated codes.
  • TSW read task cards to identify the challenges.

Students will be doing:

Students will use computer science skills (coding) to move their robot through various Geometry skills.  Students will show an understanding of the Ozobot map with directionals.

This project can be done in partners or small groups.

Student work will be gathered into a paper book that the students will work.


Peer assessments can be done with this assignment.  Students can share their books with a peer.  Students will test using Ozobots to check the codes in their peer's books.  They can mark a check mark or an x to indicate if it completed correctly or not in the given rubric.  The teacher may want to review the Geometry aspects of the challenges to be sure that they are correctly shown.


Ozobot Geometry Task Cards [1]

Download: Ozobots_Geometry_Book_SqpYRNE.pdf

Download: Geometry_Book_Rubric_RV7OyWz.pdf

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