2019 CQI Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation

This page provides access to the presentations and materials offered throughout the 2019 Continuous Quality Improvement Statewide Conference for Child Welfare and Probation, which was hosted by the Northern California Training Academy at the University of California, Davis from March 27-28, 2019.  This statewide conference brought together child welfare and probation professionals, leaders, researchers, analysts and other stakeholders interested in learning from one another's successes and challenges and continuing to develop CQI strategies and systems that benefit organizations and improve outcomes for children and families.

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CQI Conference Thought Takeaways

Several of the conference keynote speakers and workshop presenters share takeaways in these brief and informative video presentations filmed during the conference.

Anita Barbee - Building a CQI Process for the Workforce

Jami Ledoux - Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Bryant Marks - Implicit/Unconscious Bias in the Human Services

Colleen Henry and Bryan Victor - Understanding and Utilizing Qualitative Data-Mining

Keynote Presentations

Welcome Presentation

California Department of Social Services

Safely Taking Bigger Risks through Conference Connections and Self-Reflections

Anna Jackson, Alpinista Consulting

Reading the Record: Enhancing Practice Knowledge and Child Welfare/Probation Outcomes Through Qualitative Data-Mining

Colleen Henry, Silberman School of Social Work

Data Visualization Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Ann K. Emery, DepictDataStudio.com

The Hidden Biases of Good People: Implications for Child Welfare and Probation Professionals and the Populations They Serve

Bryant Marks, National Training Institute on Race and Equity

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Jami Ledoux, Casey Family Programs

Lifting Up and Out: Taking Conference Home

Anna Jackson, Alpinista Consulting

Workshop Materials

The workshops listed below include those that were able to share their materials for posting. 

Accountability in Collaboration: Working in Partnership toward CQI

Building a CQI Process for Workforce Issues

Building the Evidence - The Evidence Matters

CFSR Case Review: What We Have Learned

CQI Constituent Engagement: Including and Unleashing Everyone in CQI

County Learning and Exchange

CQI Efforts at CDSS

CQI for Small Agency Data

CQI Happening Every Day Through the C-CFSR Process

CQI: One Size Does Not Fit All

Creating a Culture of Learning: The Role of Leadership

Data Visualization: A Deeper Dive

Effectively Engaging This Generation of Workers

Getting to the "Why" and "How" of the Matter (Qualitative Data-Mining)

How to Create a Healthy CQI Culture

Nuts and Bolts Parts 1 and 2

Seeing the Whole Elephant: Fidelity, Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Implementation Research

The Trauma of Crossover Youth

Where the Data Meet the Stories

Additional CQI Resources from the Northern California Training Academy

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