Global Nomads Group: Consume with a Conscience Curriculum (One Week Lesson Plan)


Overview: The Consume with a Conscience curriculum explores sustainable management practices, and looks at what certification on agricultural goods actually means. Students will explore the question: As global consumers, how do we impact the environment and communities around the world? 

CurriculumThe Consume with a Conscience curriculum can be downloaded following the link below:

Download: Consume-with-a-Conscience_GNG.pdf

The Man Behind Your Chocolate

Global Nomads Group

Global Nomads Group (GNG) is an international NGO whose mission is to foster dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. GNG engages and empowers young people worldwide using media, including: interactive videoconferencing, webcasting, social networking, gaming, and participatory filmmaking. GNG operates at the intersection of international and peace education, striving to serve as a vehicle for awareness, bridging the boundaries of cultural misconceptions and instilling in our audience a heightened appreciation and comprehension of the world in which they live.


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