Misaki's Journal

Misaki's Journal

We decided to create Japanese Graded Readers for the Novice High/Intermediate Low range of Japanese learners because there isn’t sufficient learning resources available for these levels. 

A Graded Reader is a short book or piece of writing created for language learners. For our Graded Reader format, we chose to write journal entries from the perspective of a Japanese high schooler. A journal entry allows for a variety of level appropriate grammar, colloquial language, and a more relatable experience with the first person perspective. 

Our Reader contains eight journal entries written by our character Misaki Kondo. Each entry is focused on a different event or holiday in Japan. Photographs and authentic-like materials are provided for every entry which enables readers to learn and engage with aspects of Japanese culture. 

Authentic-like materials will be items such as おみくじ, a yearly fortune from a shrine, a chocolate recipe, and items using the 3D Maker Lab. Alongside the journal, a Teacher’s Notebook will be included. This is so the Graded Reader can be used in a classroom setting. The Notebook will be a guide for the journal with character descriptions, grammar explanations, etc.

Digital Interactive Journal

Click the link above for online, interactive use. In a classroom setting, provide the link to students to they may read the journal and view the interactive materials on digital devices.

Download: Printable Journal

The link above is a document available for print. The Teacher's Notebook includes the interactive materials that a teacher may present to the entire class.

Created by Deana Nassans, Theadora Callahan, and Grace McGrorty
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