Teacher's Notebook

The Teacher's Notebook is a guide for using Misaki's Journal in a classroom setting. The guide contains vocabulary, activities, and more.

Thematic vocabulary are words and phrases that relate to the events, holidays, and activities highlighted in each of Misaki's journal entries. Glossed vocabulary defines words and kanji that are above the intermediate low/JLPT N3 level. 

Can-do statements assess what students learn and are exposed to within the journal. 

Teacher's Notebook

Download: Teachers Notebook

Resource for Activities

Journal One

Omikuji Template

Download: おみくじ

Journal Five

5 Year Planner Template

Download: 5年日記

Journal Seven

Kimono Template

Download: 着物テンプレ

Journal Eight

Christmas Themed Origami

Japanese version

English version

Please also check out the Authentic-Like Interactive Materials for all materials mentioned in the Teacher's Notebook.

Created by Deana Nassans, Theadora Callahan, and Grace McGrorty. 
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