Pharmacology Notes: Nursing Implications for Clinical Practice (view)

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Table of Contents-Resource Outline
pharmacology, Nursing, clinical practice
Pharmacology Notes:  Introduction
Unit A:  Autonomic Nervous System Pharmacology
Unit B:  Cardiovascular (CV) System Pharmacology
Unit C:  Hematological System Pharmacology
Unit D:  Central Nervous System (CNS) Pharmacology
Unit E:  Skeletal System - Bone and Joint Pharmacology
Unit F:  Immune System Pharmacology
Unit G:  Digestive System Pharmacology
Unit H:  Endocrine System Pharmacology
Unit I:  Respiratory System Pharmacology


Pharmacology Notes: Nursing Implications for Clinical Practice is intended to organize pharmacological information in a meaningful manner that draws from prior learning (i.e. anatomy & physiology and pathophysiology), in order to reveal and reinforce relevant nursing implications. These notes utilize the framework, A-T-A-T, to assist in understanding nursing implications related to medication administration.