Media Bias Handout

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Media Bias Workshop

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and identify “Media Bias”
  • Evaluate and identify objective credible sources for your English writing assignment
  • Explore search techniques
  • Refine Searches
  • Cite References

What is Media Bias?

Media Bias is the tendency of an article, news story, or social media post to support or promote preconceived ideas (ie., spin, slant, ideology).

What are objective, credible sources?

        Peer-reviewed or refereed, scholarly/academic articles; college and university library LibGuides; .edu or .gov URLs; neutral news sources; others?

Evaluate & identify objective, credible sources

CSU Chico’s CRAAP Test (adaptation by Austin CC below)

We can apply these criteria to our own search results!

The CRAAP Test - check for currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose

credit: Adaptation of CSU Chico’s CRAAP Test by Austin Community College

Search Techniques

  1. Simple Google search

Note: Google’s algorithm skews search results towards previous search queries. To minimize the filter bubble, try conducting the same search using Verbatim.

Search term example: media bias



news reports

opinion pieces

Refine Searches

1.        Want to find more peer reviewed or vetted, academic resources?

  1. Google Search with search operator: .edu:media bias
  2. Google Scholar:
  3. Skyline College Library databases using search terms:
  1. Refine Search
  1. Too many results: media bias AND [topic]
  2. Too few results: expand date rage; choose a more general topic; try media bias OR
  3. Evaluate source using CRAAP for currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, & purpose

Suggested search terms and keywords [OR]:

media bias, filter bubble, bias and media coverage, media manipulation, editorial slant, . . .

Specific topic areas of [media bias AND ____]:

news, politics, ethics, freedom of speech, voting, liberal, conservative . . .

Library Resources & LibGuides:

Skyline College:

Columbus State:

Cornell University:

Monona Grove HS:

University of Maryland:

University of Michigan:


Austin Community College Library Services. (2018, October 18). Is it CRAAP? Retrieved from

Media Bias Workshop Handout by Ame Maloney for Skyline College Library is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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