College and Career Fair Preparation: A MS Career Lesson

Title of Lesson: Prep for College and Career Fair

Course Name: Guidance

Grade Level: 8

Author’s Name: Donald Swartz

School District:  Cornwall-Lebanon School District

PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work
13.1. Career Awareness and Preparation
13.1.8.A.:  Relate careers to individual interests, abilities, and aptitudes

13.3. Career Retention and Advancement
13.3.8.G.:  Identify formal and informal lifelong learning opportunities that support career retention and advancement.
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to:
  • Identify their spark or passion.
  • Connect their spark or passion with their interests.
  • Connect their interests and sparks to careers.
  • Explore postsecondary educational and occupational opportunities aligned with interests, sparks, and suggested careers.
Conceptual Background
This lesson links previous lessons about a student’s Spark (passion) and the career suggestions provided by from completed interest inventories to the College and Career Fair where students are able to speak with several postsecondary educational institutions as well as several area employers.Knowledge of and its components and completion of your own interest inventory is useful prior to the start of the class.  Spark surveys that were completed during a 6th grade lesson are needed for distribution.  Any new student from the time the first Spark survey was completed will complete their first one.
Instructional Procedure
4 MinutesStudents complete Spark survey.
2 MinutesDisseminate previously completed Spark surveys from 6th grade to students.
5 MinutesDiscuss Spark surveys in reference to connection to careers and consistency of Sparks over time.  Ask questions about the characteristics and traits of the instructor (ie. school counselor).  Compare those traits and characteristics to the suggested career on
1 MinuteProject PACareerZone with the teacher/counselor interest survey results.
5 MinutesDiscuss connection of interests, aptitudes and job market to career decision making process.
10 MinutesDiscuss one example of suggested careers for information on education, training, PA salaries, etc.
12 MinutesConnect educational and occupational opportunities for this job to those that will be at the College and Career Fair.
10 MinutesShow assignment paper for field trip to students and discuss expectations for completion.
Formative Assessment
Completion of second Spark survey
Observation during class discussion
Completion of assignment during College and Career Fair
Materials Needed
See additional student handouts below.
“Sparks: How Parents Can Help Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers.” Sparks: How Parents Can Help Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers, by Peter L. Benson, 1st ed., Jossey-Bass, 2008, pp. 54–56.

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