Resume Writing: A MS Ancient History Lesson

Title of Lesson: Who’s to Lead Rome?

Course Name: Ancient History

Grade Level: 7

Author’s Name: Jonathan Lum

School District: Annville-Cleona School District

PA Academic Standards for History
8.4. World History
8.4.7.A. Summarize the social, political, cultural, and economic contributions of individuals and groups in world history.
8.4.7.D. Explain how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the history of the world.
PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work
13.2. Career Acquisition (Getting a Job)
13.2.8.C. Prepare a draft of career acquisition documents, such as, but not limited to:
  • Job application
  • Letter of appreciation following an interview
  • Letter of introduction
  • Request for letter of recommendation
  • Resume
Learning Objectives
  • Students will be able to analyze the conflict regarding Caesar Augustus and Mark Antony by creating resumes about their qualifications to lead Rome.
  • Students will be able to apply their knowledge of resumes by creating a resume for themselves.
Conceptual Background
The teacher would need to understand the struggle for power in Rome after the death of Julius Caesar. This requires knowledge of Caesar Augustus and Mark Antony. In addition, it is helpful to know how resumes are structured.
Instructional Procedure
5 MinutesStudents enter and complete “Do Now” and “Warm-up” question when they enter the room. It typically reviews what we did the previous day/lesson. This will help them prepare for the lesson today.
15 MinutesAssignment InstructionsStudents are to create a resume for the two Roman leaders (Marc Antony and Octavian) jostling for power. This is Part 1 of the activity. During this time, I will show an example resume of Julius Caesar to help give them guidance. Once fully explained, I will split the students into groups of two or three and assign each group one of the two members.
50 MinutesStudents will work on creating the Roman resume. They will present their resume before the class. We will discuss the findings and who seems to be more qualified to lead Rome.
20 MinutesPart 2 of the activity will take place where they create a personal resume for themselves.
Formative Assessment
Students will produce two resumes. One will reflect their learning of Octavian or Antony, while the other one will help them better understand the structure of a personal resume.
Materials Needed
Badian, E., & Grant, M. (2018, December 21). Mark Antony.  
Grant, M. (2019, January 25). Augustus.  
Simkin, J. (n.d.). Augustus
Simkin, J. (n.d.). Mark Antony.     

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