Biology Online Mitosis Lab: Cell Division in Somatic Cells (view)

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Fillable Form PDF Lab Answer Sheet Online Mitosis Laboratory
Biology 101, Biology Online Laboratory, Cell Division, Mitosis, NonMajors Biology, Tina B. Jones


This resource provides a fillable form pdf laboratory procedure and answer sheet for an online mitosis laboratory. It utilizes the a virtual onion root tip activity developed by D.K. Warren at The University of Arizona ( It was designed for use as a somatic cell division laboratory exercise in an introductory online biology course. The lab utilizes a fillable form pdf lab answer sheet created by the instructor, Tina B. Jones. Attributions and references are provided at the end of the laboratory write-up. Please refer to the "Completing Lab Reports in Canvas Orientation Exercise" in OER Commons, also authored by Tina B. Jones, for student instructions on downloading, completing, and uploading the fillable form answer sheets in Canvas. *Lab answer sheet created by instructor using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.