3rd grade example of Visualize Vocabulary

Thoughtful Classroom Tool (name and book title/page)Visualizing VocabularyPage 88 Tools for promoting Active, In-Depth Learning
Teacher NameGrade/Subjects TaughtDarcy Zappia 3rd grade teacher
Brief Tool DescriptionWhat is its purpose? Is it for a particular dimension of the Thoughtful Classroom framework? What do the teacher and students do during the strategy that make it valuable? Vocabulary lesson on the Stories of migration. The students drew pictures to show the meaning of vocabulary words. The students then were able to share their drawings in a class discussion.
Example(s) of How to Use the Tool in the ClassroomDoes it lend itself best to a particular subjects? Have you used the strategy successfully with a particular topic? Is there a lesson you can describe that illustrates how to This lesson will work well with many different subject areas. The students found it useful and became active learners in the classroom.
Suggestions for AdaptationsCould it be easily adapted for a higher/lower grade? For a different subject This will work for all grade levels.
Other Suggestions/Comments

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