Our (Past) Town: Elgin, NE - Website Creation using Digital Citizenship

Our (Past) Town: Elgin, NE Website Creation Using Digital Citizenship

Description of the Lesson


This lesson was created by Kristen Evans as a part of the Nebraska ESUCC special project, Digital Age Skills.

Students will create a website about a past Elgin business.  If a student does not live in our “town” they are allowed to pick a business from their town.

ISTE Standard

2 Digital Citizen - Students learn about, demonstrate and encourage respect for intellectual property with both print and digital media when using and sharing the work of others.

NE Standard

LA 7.4.2 -  Digital Citizenship: Students will practice the norms of appropriate and responsible technology use.

LA 8.4.2 -  Digital Citizenship: Students will practice the norms of appropriate and responsible technology use.

Rubric Used for Assessment

Download: Web_Site_Rubric.pdf

Example Student Artifact(s)

Mrs. Evans Website

Lesson Design Reflection


Introduction -  video about Copyright with discussion questions - Video Link

Common Sense Media Resource - Copyrights and Wrongs (9-12)

Nearpod Presentation - Copyrights and Wrongs

GUIDED PRACTICE:  Class Discussion 

  • How can we legally obtain items to use in our projects?
  • What steps do we need to follow before using someone else’s work?
  • Do you know how to find copyright free images?  Let me show you:     For future reference (it’s old, but you will get the idea)
  • Do you know of any website that offer free images to use?  Let me show you a couple of my favorites.

          The Noun Project

          Flat Icon


Student Handout

Download: DAS_-_website_instructions_Jr._High_-_Elgin_Businesses.pdf

Rubric Used for Assessment

Download: Web_Site_Rubric.pdf

Mrs. Evans Website


When students are done with their website, students will fill out the project rubric on their website and one of their peers. They will only fill out the part about Pictures/Graphics and Required Elements.  This will give them some extra practice looking for copyright issues.  Then we will share the website with each other in class.  I will also put their website on my school web page and tweet about their project.

Personal Reflection

Lesson Design: For this lesson, I feel like everything went as planned.  Even with all of the crazy weather, holidays, and track meets, the students handled everything well. In the future I would allow students to research any business with an emphasis on a past business.  We (Elgin) have wonderful resources created to help remember our town.  There was a committee that put together a Centennial book in 1989 and a committee that put together a Q125 book in 2014.  One thing that I am adding to this is a community sharing event.  On May 1st I am going to take my students to the Community Center (Senior Center) for them to share their learning with an authentic audience.  My hope is that the audience will chime in here and there about their memories.  I am really excited for this and it is a good opportunity for my students to experience Public Speaking.  

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