Chinese - State We're In Chapter 1 pages 10-15

Seattle Public Schools OER Grant has produced Chinese translations of The State We're In for use in Middle School Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Programs. 

The State We’re In: Washington is an online and printed educational publication developed by the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund. Part of a larger Civic Education Project, this instructional resource establishes the link between public participation and effective government. Colorful graphs, historical photos and thought-provoking illustrations help to describe the basics of government, and the connection between a governing authority and culture and economy. Young readers and adults alike will gain a robust sense of past and present tribal governance and their relationship to state and local government in Washington.

The content was designed for students in grades 7 through 12. Teachers find this publication useful as well for students enrolled in ESL, GED, BasicEd and Migrant/Bilingual programs. This publication is accompanied by a Teacher’s Curriculum Guide that is keyed to state learning standards and assists teachers with creative use of the materials.

Education, History, Social Science 

Middle School, High School 

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Reading, Textbook 

League of Women Voters of Washington 

League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund 

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Chinese Translation Added 6/28/2019

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