Criminal Law

Course Materials

Required OER Text

Introduction to Criminal Law, by Lisa M. Storm, Esq., can be accessed at this link:

Intro to Law Case Briefing Powerpoint

Download: Intro to Law Case Briefing

Criminal Law CJP120 Course Syllabus

Professor Sara Horatius, Esq.


Telephone: (617) 427-0060 ext. 95222

Course Description

This course provides an in-depth review of substantive criminal law in the federal & state systems including analysis of the essential elements of all major crimes, the concepts of constitutional review & judicial scrutiny & the principles governing legal challenges to the constitutionality of laws. It includes legal research & writing & analysis of case and statutory law.

Teaching Procedures

Course materials and information will be presented through assigned readings from the textbook, instructor lectures via slides and participation in class discussions, videos, handouts, writing assignments and special projects. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions and in collaborative or group learning exercises.


(Students are encouraged to monitor grades with Professor throughout semester.)

Class attendance and active participation are central to an understanding of the course material. The student is expected to keep up with the text reading. I anticipate two quizzes, a mid-term exam and one final exam. The final grade is cumulative. Arriving at the final grade, will be based on the following breakdown:

 Punctual and regular class attendance   10 points
 Homework assignments   35 points
 Quizzes (2)   30 points
 Mid-term   50 points
 Final exam  75 points
* NOTE  Students who are absent for tests, quizzes or in-class assignments, without prior permission from the instructor, will not be permitted a make-up.

Attendance Policy

Just come to class. If you can’t make it just let me know via email. However, students who do not inform me of their absence will be marked as an unexcused absence. The more unexcused absences you have the more your grade drops.

Instructional Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Have familiarity with the criminal elements of crimes against persons, property & order, common law & Massachusetts law;

  • To be able to analyze & apply the principles & procedures derived from the Criminal law

  • Have an increased understanding of key terms, clauses, cases & chronologies in Criminal law 

Course Outline

 Week  Material Covered
 Week 1  Queen v. Dudley & Stephens case
 Week 2  Chapters 1-2
 Week 3  Chapters 3-4
 Week 4  Chapter 5
 Week 5  Chapter 6
 Week 6  Chapters 7-8
 Week 7  Mid-Term Review & Exam
 Week 8  Chapter 9
 Week 9  Chapter 10
 Week 10  Chapter 11
 Week 11  Chapter 12
 Week 12  Chapter 13
 Week 13  Punishment handout
 Week 14  Final Exam Review
 Week 15  Final Exam

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