Blueprint Reading (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1: Introduction to drawings (lead up to Blueprint Reading)
Front View, Top view, Side View, Dimensions
Unit 2: Blueprint Reading 1(Basic Skill --Introduction of basic concepts of  blueprint reading)
Projection Lines, Plan View, Elevation View
IA.21.9-12.TL.4.c, IA.21.9-12.ES.3.d
Unit 3: How to Learn to Read Blueprints (WikiHow)


Unit 1 covers the introduction and about the drawings I have my student do before introducing blueprint reading. Since I only have a short time to cover blueprint this gives them a little better understanding of what blueprints are and how they are used. Unit 2 is a short video covering basic concepts of blueprint reading, Unit 3 can be used for lectures over blueprinting. It uses the website WikiHow and it has three parts with several sections in each. It has diagram included with each section, It also explains various places one can learn more about blueprint reading,