Creative Dance Handshake Dance

Lesson Topic:

Creative Dance-Handshake Dance

Lesson Description:

Students will work in small groups to create a movement phrase manipulating time, space and energy.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

The students will work in small groups to create a dance phrase based on handshake movements that have been manipulated in time, space and energy.

Nebraska Standards:

Movements, concepts, strategies and tactics

PE.K.2.1.a Differentiates between movement in self space and general space. (E)

PE.1.2.1.b Travels at low, middle, and high levels. (E)

PE.2.2.1.c Varies speed and force with gradual increases and decreases. (E)

PE.3.2.1.c Combines speed, direction, and force with skills. (M)

PE.4.2.1.b Combines movement concepts with skills in small-sided practice tasks, tumbling, and dance environments. (M)

PE.5.2.1.a Combines spatial concepts with loco motor and manipulative skills in a variety of small-sided games and dance. (A)

PE.6.2.1 Applies knowledge of movement concepts, strategies, and tactics in individual performance activities, dance and rhythms.

PE.6.2.1.a Varies application of force during dance or rhythmic activities.

PE.7.2.2.a Reduces space through locomotor movements appropriate to the activity.

PE.8.2.1 Applies knowledge of movement concepts, strategies, and tactics in individual performance activities, dance and rhythms.

PE.8.2.1.a Describes and applies mechanical advantage(s) for a variety of movement patterns

Responsible Behavior

PE.K.4.1 Exhibits personal responsibility in physical activity settings.PE.K.4.1.a Follows directions in group settings (e.g., safe behaviors, following rules, taking turns). (E)PE.K.4.1.b Acknowledges responsibility for behavior when prompted. (E)PE.K.4.2 Accepts and responds to specific corrective feedback from teacher and peers.PE.K.4.2.a Follows instructions when prompted. (E) PE.K.4.3 Exhibits responsible social behavior when working with others. PE.K.4.3.a Shares equipment and space with others. (E) PE.K.4.4 Follows rules and demonstrates proper etiquette.PE.K.4.4.a Recognizes protocol for class activities. (E)

PE.7.4.3 Exhibits responsible social behavior when working with others.

PE.7.4.3.b Exhibits responsible social behaviors by cooperating with classmates, demonstrating inclusive behaviors, and supporting classmates.

Dance Performance

PE.HS.13.1 Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

PE.HS.13.1.a Creates and performs a dance sequence that uses a variety of dance elements to implement simple choreographic structures.

Teacher Planning:

Warm-Up:  Actor’s Warm-UP

·               In a large circle students will shake right arm/hand above their head for 8 counts

·               Repeat with left arm/hand

·               Repeat with left leg/foot

·               Repeat with right/foot

·               Repeat whole sequence in 4 counts

·               Repeat whole sequence in 2 counts

·               Repeat whole sequence in 1 count 4times

·               Each time you get a little faster

·               Have students count out loud with you.

Activity: Handshake dance

·               Close your eyes with hands by your side.

·               Think of a movement that you can greet another person (before they close their eyes demonstrate shaking someone’s hand)

·               Give them 30 seconds to visualize their movement.

·               When I say open your eyes turn to the person next to you and teach them your movement..  (allow no more than 1 minute for the movement to be    taught to each other..

·               Have the duo turn t o the duo nearest to them and have the now four teach each other their movement.  (allow 2-3 minutes)

·               Depending on the age and maturity of the group the groups can be as large as 16 or as small as 4.  Kindergarten no more than four or five depending on a trio, HS age students can handle groups of 16.

Guided Movement Study (10 minutes)

Now that you have at least four different greetings, connect the movements so they blend one movement into another.  Remember you may need to add a transition movement.

Manipulation of Space (these are examples, feel free to include your own)

·               Take one movement from the phrase and put it on a different body part

·               Take a movement from the phrase and do it on a different level. (example if it was on the ground put the movement on the high level, or if in the middle, put the movement on the low level.)

·               Take a movement from the phrase and as a group do the movement in a different area of the space.

Manipulation of Time (these are examples, feel free to include your own)

·               Take a movement from the phrase and do it in slow motion

·               Take a movement from the phrase and do it fast

·               Take a movement from the phrase and do it staccato

Put it all together (3-5 minutes)

Based on age, maturity, and size of group.

As a group, work together to put your handshake dance together.  Be sure the movements flow together with smooth transitions.  Be courteous and respectful to the whole allowing every person to give input.  It is up to time restraints and ability how many manipulations the movement pattern has.

Each group should have their original movements and their manipulated movements in the choreographic phrase.  The group should be given time to discuss how energy is different for different types of movements.

Each group shares with their masterpiece with the whole group.  Allow for a few insightful critiques.  Ex. Did the movement flow together?  Could you see the manipulations?  Have a person give a suggestion on a manipulation and if time permits have the group try.







Equipment/Materials Needed:


Time Required for Lesson:

30 minutes - 45 minutes


Technology Use:

_____ YES               ___X__NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

No set up required.  When students enter the space I have them do 2 laps to get them centered and ready for instruction.  Depending on the class and age I may have already assigned partners or I may hand out an object that they have to find the like and that is their partner.

Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

Actors Warm-up

Creation of Handshake dance



Assessment :

Group discussion, discussing transitions and use of time, space and energy


Supplemental Information:


Safety Precautions:

Be sure groups have space to move so they do not hit eachother

Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

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