Jedi Master Training

Lesson Topic:

Jedi Decathlon

Lesson Description:

The students will work together to create a decathlon with events that relate to health-related fitness components and then compete.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

For the student to gain an understanding on how various activities address each skill area and fitness component.

Students will work together toward a larger goal while getting a good work-out.

Nebraska Standards:

Physical activity skills and Movement Patterns

PE.7.1.2.c Passes an object with feet in combination with running, changing direction, and speed with competency.

PE.7.1.2.d Receives object with feet in combination with running, changing direction, and speed.

PE.7.1.3.a Performs a legal underhand serve with accuracy to a target.

PE.7.1.4.a Throws underhand with a mature pattern consistently in a modified target game.

Physical Activity Benefits

PE.7.5.1 Recognizes the benefits of physical activity for health.

PE.7.5.1.a Identifies examples of activities that enhance each of the five components of health-related fitness.

Movement concepts, strategies and Tactics

PE.7.2.4 Applies knowledge of movement concepts, strategies, and tactics in target games.

PE.7.2.4.a Varies the speed and/or trajectory of the shot based on location of the object in relation to the target.

Health Related Physical Activity and Fitness

PE.7.3.3.d Describes the overload principles of Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type (FITT) for different types of physical activity, the training principles on which the formula is based, and how the formula and principles affect fitness.

PE.7.3.3.g Performs appropriate techniques related to muscular strength and endurance to ensure safety and injury prevention.

Responsible Behavior

PE.7.4.3 Exhibits responsible social behavior when working with others.

PE.7.4.3 a Demonstrates cooperation skills by establishing rules and guidelines for resolving conflicts.

PE.7.4.3.b Exhibits responsible social behaviors by cooperating with classmates, demonstrating inclusive behaviors, and supporting classmates.

PE.7.4.3.c Problem solves with a small group of classmates during adventure activities, game play, or team building activities.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:



Yoga with Yoda video

1 large paper for each group

1 marker per group

Various items, to be determined by groups

Link for Yoga with Yoda:

Yoga with Yoda

Jedi Decathlon Score Sheet

Download: Jedi_Decathlon.pdf

Time Required for Lesson:

5 - 45 minute lessons


Technology Use:

___X__ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

When students enter they are to grab a yoga mat and lay it out in their spot.  Each day they will follow Yoda's instruction on Yoga for 8-10 mins.

Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

Working together in groups of three the class will organize and hold a decathlon.  A Jedi must be disciplined and focused, keeping this in mind, students will gain an understanding of what a Decathlon is and by the end of the challenge have an understanding of the components of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular, strength and endurance and flexibility and physical challenges that go with each component.

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

Day 1:

* 10 minute Yoga with Yoda

* Break class into 10 groups of 3-4 people.  If you have less than 30 do fewer groups or have 1 group do more than one activity.

* Students are allowed to use their fitness journals to help them plan an event.

* Explain the class will be hosting their own Decathlon and each group will be responsible for designing one event.

* the beginning and at 5 mins it is a good description of a Decathlon the this video is also good.

* Explain 4 teams will be in charge of creating cardiovascular challenges; three teams will be responsible for creating flexibility challenges; and three teams will create challenges that focus on the muscular strength and endurance.

* Assign each group one and explain the expectations;

      Each challenge should take a minimum of 3 minutes and a max of 10 minutes to perform.

     Each challenge must be safe for ALL to perform.

    The majority of the class should be able to complete the challenge.

    Each challenge must include a scoring system that is fair and easy to follow.

    All games must be new and created by the group, you may take ideas from precious classes and use your journal as a reference point.

    You have the rest of the class to write up your challenge, you will present next class.

Day 2

* 8 minute Yoga with Yoda

* Each group will present their challenge to the class and allow for modifications if needed

* After each group has presented and modifications have been made have the groups decide which person from their team will compete in which events.  Each person must participate in an event from all three health related fitness areas.  They will need to self asses their strengths and work together to make the decision.

* Go over scoring (see hand out)

Day 3

* 10 minute Yoga with Yoda

* Decathlon begins

*  Based on the events the students have created the teacher will have outlined an order so the events will fit into the 35 minute allotted time for the next three days.  Keep in mind you will need to leave 15 minutes on Day three for discussion and self/group evaluation.  

*  Each team is given their own score sheet, teacher should collect at the end of each class so they are not lost.  They are reminded a Jedi is always honest and the focus is on self improvement.

*the games begin!

Day 4

* 10 minute Yoga with Yoda

* Decathlon continues

*  Each team is given their own score sheet, teacher should collect at the end of each class so they are not lost.  They are reminded a Jedi is always honest and the focus is on self improvement.

Day 5

* 8 minute Yoga with Yoda

* Conclusion of the Jedi Decathlon Games.

* Score sheets are tallied

* Give 5 minutes for the teams to reflect among themselves; evaluate their performance, including how well they matched activities for their team members against their competitors.

*  In your journals answer the following questions;

     1. How did each event address its particular fitness component?

    2.   What made each event challenging?

    3.    Given 2 months to prepare, what type of workout regimen would you suggest to adequately prepare for this decathlon? Why?

    4.    Do you feel you competed in the best events for your talents?  Why or Why not?

    5.   How would you improve the overall game?


As they leave Day 5 they are given a Pencil (in varying Jedi colors representing Light Sabors) that have Jedi Master and the year.  It is their choice what side they enter. 

Assessment :

Questions in the journal must be answered in full to receive credit for this unit.


Supplemental Information:


Based on the individual challenges created make sure all of the equipment can be used by all.

Safety Precautions:

Be sure all games have proper safety equipment and space.

Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

I always have Jedi cutouts on the wall, Star Wars music playing in the background and I often have white chaser lights outside the gym door that act like Warp Speed, they are entering anther world.

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