The (Interior) Design Process

Lesson Topic:

The Interior Design Process

Lesson Description:

A foundational lesson plan (vocabulary and sequence of the process) of an interior design class. The design process and visuals are important to know and recognize as design vocabulary is used though the entire course and industry. 

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

Identify and exemplify the steps in the interior design process. 

Demonstrate the steps in the interior design process. 

Nebraska Standards:

HSE.HS.5.12.g Use acquired academic and technical skills to improve a situation or a process.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

Teacher: Presentation capabilities (projector, computer, speakers), Design Process Puzzles (2 different versions) 

Students: Card stock (1 per person), writing utensil, personal/school device

Time Required for Lesson:

1 (50 minute) class period

Lab Set-up:


Technology Use:

__x__ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

Design Process Puzzle: Cut apart the design process handout and have students try and put the process in order. 

Benefits/Explanation/Career Readiness Standards:

1. Applies appropriate academic and technical skills

5. Uses critical thinking

6. Demonstrates innovation and creativity

Activities (i.e. instructions, lesson, lab or project):

Give each student one piece of card stock paper and have them fold it in 8 equal parts. Students should access the Design Process Handout and read each step of the process one at a time. After they read each each step they should draw a pictorial representation of the information and write summary words (no sentences). Discuss each step as table teams and then as a whole class. Have the class vote on the best summary discussion from each table team and have that team draw their pictorial representation on the board. 

Review the Design Process Visuals handout and discuss. 


Design Process Puzzle: Cut apart the design process handout content and the design process step, have students try and match the name of the step to the content explanation.

Assessment :


Informal questioning, puzzle check,  design process summary page completion check.

15730 Cherrywood Street Project

Supplemental Information:



Safety Precautions:


Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

This lesson could be supplemented with Client Presentations and Design Boards or you can jump right into a design project. 

Download: Design_Process_Handout.pdf

Download: The_Design_Process_Visuals.pdf

Download: 15730_Cherrywood_St.pdf

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