Neuron to Neuron - Normal and Toxic Actions

The Neuron to Neuron application provides a set of narrated animations demonstrating the normal and toxic actions within the axon and/or synapse of neurons. A brief overview of the neuron structure and neuron-to-neuron communication is presented first. Next, axon normal functions and synapse normal functions are presented in small segments. Each set of normal functions are followed by the associated toxic actions (pyrethroid toxicity of the axon, organophosphate toxicity and neonicotinoid toxicity of the synapse, and DDT toxicity occurring in both the axon and the synapse). The interface allows the user to compare and contrast the normal functions with those with toxic actions.

Neuron to Neuron Animation Screenshot
neuron-to-neuron-screenshot.jpgNeuron to Neuron Animation Screenshot

Neuron to Neuron Animation Screenshot

This resource, viewable via a web browser, allows the user to explore the normal and toxic actions within the neuron by clicking on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. An interactive neuron image is provided above the navigation to show where the normal or toxic actions are happening as users click on each animation. The animations use illustrations, labels, and narration to demonstrate and explain the dynamic reactions at a micro level. The animation player allows users to easily play, pause, and rewind the animation. Each toxic action animation is presented with the corresponding normal function animation to allow for direct comparison.

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Catherine LePrevost (, Instructor, NC State University

Gregory Cope (, Instructor, NC State University

Yan Shen, Instructional Designer, NC State University

Donnie Wrights, Lead Multimedia Designer, NC State University

Meg Snyder, Multimedia Designer/Animator

Andrew Weidner, Developer, NC State University

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