EFL Lesson Plan Template - Remix

Lesson Overview


     Reading Comprehension (Octavius Catto’s Biography) and Reading Strategies .


   This lesson helps students increase their reading skills. After dividing Catto’s Biography in six parts, students will receive a paragraph to read. The teacher asks students to join groups that have different paragraphs and students have to put the paragraphs in the right sequence and explain to the group what his/her fragment is about to understand the complete idea of Catto’s life. 

Student Characteristics

Student Group

     High-school students and/or adult learners.

Skill and Language Level

      A1 - Reading

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. 

Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has.

Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Curriculum Alignment with Learning Outcome(s)

Supported Outcomes

   Students will make use of Reading Strategies to read a biography.  

Student Learning Objectives

       “Students will be able to...”

  • Make use of reading strategies;
  • Organize the sequence of the text;
  • Select information of their personal life.


Teaching Materials

    Notebook, cellular, post it, board, marker, pen/pencil, Worksheet.

Student Materials

   Notebook, cellular, worksheet, pen/pencil.


Technology Requirements

Socrative, internet, computer, smartphone, projector.

Lesson Plan

Knowledge Check

     Ask some students if they remember about some Reading Strategies that they have learned last class.


     Invite some students to come on the board and try to match the name of the Reading Strategies with the definition. 

Guided Practice

    Teacher puts some post it with the name of the Reading Strategies and it’s definition on the board. Teacher asks some volunteers to do this match game. Teacher corrects.  

 The teacher gives students a paragraph about Catto’s Biography that was divided in six parts. Teacher asks students to join a group and together they put the paragraphs in the right sequence. They must use reading strategies to understand the text. After do the sequence, each one of the group has to explain what’s written in the fragment then they will have the whole idea of Catto’s Biography. 

Teacher asks students to login at Socrative site and enter a specific room to answer questions about reading strategies and Octavius Catto. Teacher checks answers and give feedback to them. Then students have to write about their life as a draft for homework that they will have to write their own biography as an assignment for next class. 

Independent Practice (or Student Production)

   Each student make a draft in order to create their own biography.


   The teacher check if the match game is correct. Then check if the ideas and sequence of Catto’s Biography are correct. 

Closing Activity/Wrap-up

   The teacher asks students to share their draft and have feedback from their peers. 


Assessment Methods

   The teacher invites students to go to Socrative (www.socrative.com) and answer some questions about Catto’s life and Reading Strategies. Then the teacher asks the students to create their own biography. 

Grading Criteria and/or Rubrics

Wow OkNext class
Demonstrates an excellent to a very good understanding of the text.Good understanding of the text and its relationships. Fail to understand the text and its relationship. Unable to identify main ideas.
Very good at identifying main ideas and specific information.Some problems in understanding inferences, recognizing vocabulary and structure. Many difficulties in recognizing vocabulary and structure. 

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