Survival Guide

Unit Topic: Informative Writing

Lesson: Research real-world problems and create a survival guide/multi-media presentation.


1.       Students will collaborate with a partner to complete tasks.

2.       Students will demonstrate knowledge of reliable sources to complete research about a real-world problem.

3.       Students will evaluate and prioritize information to create a survival guide/multi-media presentation for a real-world problem.

4.       Students will create a survival guide/multi-media presentation.

5.       Students will present survival guide/multi-media presentation to the class.

6.       Students will attribute sources and pictures.

Standards and Eligible Content:


·       Microsoft products (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)


Materials: Internet, computers, Microsoft products

Assessment: Students will be assessed on presentation and survival guide/multi-media presentation with a rubric.


·       Provide a list of topics

·       Provide a list of approved websites and resources for research

·       Provide a blank or partially filled-in outline to lead research


Reliable resource


Bibliography/works cited


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