Basic Mathematics

Course Description

This course is a continuation of MAT087, Basic Mathematics. Topics include signed numbers, decimal numbers, exponential notation, scientific notation, solving and graphing linear equations, an introduction to polynomials, and systems of linear equations and their graphs. Geometrical topics include lines and angles, closed curves and convex polygons, triangles and similarities, and symmetry and proportion in nature and art. Students may complete this course during the first three weeks of the semester by passing the MyMathLab modules. Students will then be eligible to take either MAT 099 Intermediate Algebra, MAT 114-Quantitative Reasoning or MAT 120-Intro to Statistics the following semester. This course does not satisfy degree requirements.

Course Level Objectives

By fully participating in this course, you should be able to:

  1. Perform arithmetic operations with real numbers
  2. Use the Order of Operations to do calculations
  3. Translate English sentences about numbers into algebraic equations
  4. Solve and graph linear equations/inequalities and functions
  5. Solve two simultaneous linear equations by several methods
  6. Solve applications problems involving linear equations
  7. Use a graphing calculator

Links to Materials

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by Tyler Wallace:


MyOpenMath Schedule

Week Of



Intro to MyOpenMath

MAT 088 Diagnostic Activity


Equivalent Fractions and Reducing Fractions

Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, Factors and Multiples

Multiplying Fractions Homework

Dividing Fractions Homework


Adding and Subtracting fractions with the same denominator

Adding and Subtracting fractions with different denominators

Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Order of Operations and Fractions


Mixed Review

Combining Like Terms


Exponent Rules

Mixed Review 2


Distributive Property

Mixed Review 3

Evaluating Expressions

Homework: Check to see if these are solutions


Test 2 Topics

Mixed Review Homework


Additive Property of Equality

Mixed Review 5


One-Step Equation Homework

More One Step Equation Practice

Two Step Equations

Mixed Review 6


Translating Math to English

Practice for the Test Monday

Mixed Review 7

4/5/17 and 4/12/17

Mixed Review 8

Introduction to Word Problems

Story Problems

Mixed Review 9


Graphing Ordered Pairs

Finding the Missing Coordinate

Mixed Review 10


Graphing Linear Equations

Finding the slope of a line given two points 

Finding Linear Equations


Final Exam Review

Exam  4 Review

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