Color Recognition & Sort

Lesson Overview

Introduces color words and recognition to students through shared reading, color song and rhyme, and guided activity.  Students will sort colored cereal pieces onto color sorting mat. Time permitting, students will also use an iPad app to identify and sort colors and sort pom-poms by color.

Download: 6ColorSortingMat.pdf


MaterialsLemons are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Fruit Loops Cereal, Color Sorting Mat,  Ask Me Colors and Shapes app, iPad (or Android device), Pom Poms, tongs or clothespins, color sorting mat, colored paper cups/sorting tubs, construction paper, magna-tiles or colored Legos (Color Sorting Activities), Color Recognition Matching Game 
Technology Integration:Students will use iPads to practice identifying colors and shapes using the Colors and Shapes app
Standards:AL.P.1.3 Understands and follows rules and directions.
LL.P.1.2 Listen attentively to stories or class discussions.
LL.P.4.5 Participate in classroom activities that are repetitive in nature such as songs, rhymes, and finger plays.
M.P.3.1 Match, sort, place in a series, and regroup objectives according to attributes (color, shape, size, etc.)


Whole Group

  • Pass The Color Song - introduce color names and recognition. (Have children sit in a circle and pass around the crayon until the song ends. When the song is over have the child holding the crayon tell the others what color it is). Pass the Color Song and Activity
  • Jelly Bean fingerplay: Jelly Bean Fingerplay (using paper or real Jelly Beans)
  • Preview and read Lemons are not Red.
  • Sing Color Song.
  • Explain color sorting activity: Color Sort Worksheet and cereal.
  • If You're Wearing Red Today (for transition) 
    (Tune:  Muffin Man)

    If you're wearing red today, 
    Red today, red today, 
    If you're wearing red today, 
    Stand up and say "Hoo-ray!"

    Repeat: for other colors 

Hands-on Activity

  • Give students a handful of colored cereal and color sorting mat.
  • Direct students to sort their cereal by color and then place their colored groups of cereal onto the color sorting mat worksheet, matching each group of cereal to its corresponding color on the worksheet.
  • Once the students have sorted all their cereal onto the worksheet, they may eat the cereal.
  • One extension for higher learning is to have the students count the cereal in each circle and then graph it using the Fruit Loops Graph handout. 

Download: Fruit-Loops-Graph.pdf

Independent Activities

  • Color and shapes app (iTunes and Android)
  • Sort pom poms using tongs (or clothespins) onto a color sorting mat, colored paper cups/construction paper, or colored legos.
  • Students may use the dot paints to create a picture using the different colors.
  • Sort the colored counting beads into coordinated color cups.
  • After reading the book Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd, allow students to paint their own picture of Dog with dot paints.
  • Color Recognition Game 

Download: Color_Recognition_Matching_TAWcHdC.doc

Partner Activity

  • Assign each student a partner to play the game Color Crazy or Monster Smash Game

Download: ColorCrazyacolorrecognitiongameFREEBIE.pdf
Download: MonsterSmashColorRecognitionFREEBIE_g0kvu7x.pdf


  • Check for students listening and participating in story time activities - sitting, singing along, participating in rhymes and fingerplays
  • Check for students following directions in hands-on activity
  • Check for students' understanding- if students were able to correctly sort cereal by color and placing each colored group into correct colored circle on sorting mat.

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