Line Dance Unit (Lesson 3)

Lesson Topic:

Line Dance Final Presentation

Lesson Description:

During this lesson, students will choreograph and present a line dance to the class using their choice of school appropriate music and line dance steps.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

Students will be able to successfully work with a group to choreograph a line dance.

Students will be able to find a song that is appropriate for their dance. 

Students will be able to perform the dance in unison while staying on the beat.

Nebraska Standards:

PE.HS.10.2 Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, tactics and strategies related to movement and performance to achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical activity and fitness. 

PE.HS.10.2.b Choreographs a dance in collaboration with others. 

PE.HS.10.2.c Performs a dance individually or with others. 

PE.HS.10.3 Recognizes the benefits of physical activity and exhibits responsible personal and social behavior in a variety of physical activity settings. 

PE.HS.10.3.a Applies appropriate behavior and etiquette to create and perform a variety of dance forms. 

PE.HS.10.3.b Selects and participates in dance that meets the need for self-expression and enjoyment. 

PE.HS.10.3.c Identifies the opportunity for social support in dance.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

Computer/Audio device to play specific songs

Stereo to play music

Space for students to spread out and dance

Final Dance Presentation sheets and pencils for each group

Sign-up sheet - for groups to record the song they will be using their presentations (no repeats)

Time Required for Lesson:

75 minutes (Block Scheduling) - For those who teach in a traditional schedule, split it up into two lessons so that it works best for you. 


Technology Use:

__X___ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

Between lessons 2 and 3 that I’ve  posted on OER, I have spent additional classes teaching a variety of line dances with students. I have either taught these directly, or used a jigsaw style method to have the students become ‘master teachers’ and teach their group a section of the dance. At this point, they have many line dances under their belt so they feel prepared to come up with their own line dance for this final assignment of the unit. 

Benefits/Explanation/Real-World Connection:

Benefits of the final line dance presentation include teamwork, communication, collaboration, memorization of choreography, self-expression, and an appreciation for dance. 

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down):

Warm-up: Students walk around the space to music, moving to the beat. 

Instructions: The students will be choreographing their own dance for the line dance final. Students will be able to find their own groups of 2-5 people. Students will choose their own school appropriate music for their dance and sign-up either online (Google classroom) or on a sheet taped to the wall, recording their group member’s names and what song they chose (no repeats between groups). Students will come up with their own choreography to create at least a 48-count line dance. Every student must participate and help create an 8-count for the dance. Students will learn and present their dance to the class. They will not have to teach this dance to the class. Half of their points for this assignment are given for recording all of their choreography on the sheet. They’ll need to turn this in before their presentation. 

Explain to the students that they will have most of the class period to create a dance and record it on the final presentation paper. Depending on how hard they’re working, some groups may be ready to present toward the end of the class. Others may need another class period to perfect their dance. Use your best judgement on when the students should be ready to present their dances to the class. 

The final presentations will look like this: Each group will get up in front of the class and present at least 1 minute of their dance while I film them. They should be able to do the entire dance together as a group, dancing on the same beat, and every group member should know the choreography of their dance. When done, the students will applaud the presenters and the next group will come up to present. 


Today is a work day. As students are learning their steps, if they struggle with creating their 8-count section, have them use some of the moves we used in one of the line dances we’ve learned in class. Remind them that the dance does not have to be complex. It just has to have 48-counts and the entire group needs to be able to present it while on the same beat. 

Another thing that many groups struggle with is picking their favorite song that happens to have an incredibly fast tempo. Have them try one 8-count to the tempo to see if it’s manageable for all their group members. If it’s not, have them try to agree on a song with a slower tempo. 

Walk around the room checking in with each group and helping them when you can. 

Groups have the option of deciding what order they would like to present their dances. Some want to go first, others want to go last. You can choose how you pick the order of presentations, but I usually allow the students to tell me what order they would like to present their dances to the class.

Cool-down (5 minutes):

Have the students come back to a circle in the middle of the room and have a seat. I lead the students through a variety of stretches and ab work before we finish for the day.


While stretching, have the students reflect on all the line dances we have done in class. Have them think about some of the choreography we have learned and how they might be able to incorporate that into their dances in class the next day.

Assessment :


I use the attached sheet to grade the students presentations. I give them 15 points for Skills and 15 points for Knowledge on this assignment. When looking at student participation, I use this rubric to help clarify the points system.






- Content exceeds expectations

- All criteria are met

- Excellent synchronization

- Music enhances dance

- Entertaining presentation

- Excellent mastery of steps


- Content meets expectations

-  Most criteria are met 

- Very good synchronization

- Music very appropriate to dance

- Very good presentation

- Very good knowledge of steps


- Content mostly meets expectations

- Some criteria are met   

- Good synchronization -Music somewhat appropriate                        

- Good presentation

- Good knowledge of steps


- Beginning to meet expectations 

- Beginning to meet some criteria

-Adequate synchronization

- Poor choice of music 

- Adequate presentation

- Adequate knowledge of some steps


- Does not meet expectations

- Unprepared but tries

- Little synchronization

- Poor or no choice of music

- Poor presentation

- Poor knowledge of steps


No attempt to create a line dance

Supplemental Information:


Safety Precautions:

Make sure everyone has enough space to move around safely as they dance. 

Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

When you get to the presentations, I film the dances to share with the students via google classroom. I do not allow students to film one another with their phones.

Download: LineDanceAssignment.pdf

As students look for music for their presentations, I allow students to use their phones to search for songs. As I walk around the room and they’re using their phones for things other than searching for music, I give them a warning. Follow your school protocol for cell phone use after that. If your students do not allow cell phones in class, they can make a list of their favorite songs and I can play a few songs from my computer for each group to decide what will work the best for their dance.

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