Engineering Design Prototype - Simple Machines (view)

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Engineering Design Process: Simple Machines
Learning goals:
Identify the steps of the Engineering Design Process, Solve a problem using the Engineering Design Process, Identify and give examples of different simple machines, Describe the difference between the three classes of levers, Use all tools, machines, and equipment safely and appropriately in my lab, Use tools to help measure and calculate lengths, widths, heights, angles
Engineering Design, PASTEM, PASTEMTOOLKIT, Simple Machines, Technology Education


In this activity, students will learn about and apply the Engineering Design Process to solve a problem. While working through the steps of the Engineering Design process they will focus on defining the criteria and constraints of a design problem, learn about scientific principles of simple machines, understand tool and machine safety, and create a prototype solution to the problem. The activity frames the problem around researching, designing, building and testing a prototype that is built with at least one simple machine that will launch a ball into a target. At end of unit students test their prototypes and present their findings of working through the process. ● Project Rubric