ISKME & KQED Connected Educator Challenge


In conjunction with Connected Educator Month throughout October, 2014 ISKME and KQED are launching the Connected Educator Challenge, an opportunity for Connected Educators to share what they are currently doing in their work and envision the future of what being a Connected Educator will look like. Connected Educators are invited to make and share media in response to the prompt below:

Show us your vision for your future as a Connected Educator. Where do you hope to be in the future as a Connected Educator? What will your learning environment look like? How will your students be connected? What kinds of activity will you and your students be engaged in? How will you and your students meet the challenge of an increasingly interconnected world?

Please connect your response to at least one of this year's Connected Educator Month themes:

  • Blended Learning
  • Collaboration and Capacity Building
  • Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Global Education
  • Educator Professional Development and Learning
  • Leadership for Change
  • Student Agency, Student Voice and the Maker Movement
  • Whole Community Engagement

Here are some ways to illustrate being a Connected Educator:

  • Being proficient with social media to improve teaching practice
  • Deepening and sustaining learning among those already enjoying connection’s benefits
  • Helping schools credential/integrate connected learning into their formal professional development efforts
  • Stimulating and supporting innovation in the field

Classroom of the FutureClassroom in Ten Years image created by an elementary school student in Spain

Media Making:

Connected Educators are invited to represent their visual response to the two prompts however they wish. However, the media created needs to be "tweetable". 

An additional challenge is to discover ways to be creative in a brief window of time. Vine allows 6 second videos designed to be looped. Instagram allows up to 15 seconds of video. GoPop allows the juxtaposition of two images, gifs or short videos. But, the plus side is that the content is easily sharable, and requires no knowledge of complicated editing software. 

Below are KQED instructional videos for how to use the apps for Vine, GoPop and Instagram (all with Twitter sharing built in): 

Make Short Social Video Loops With Vine

Make Interactive Mashups With Pop

Create Visual Social Media With Instagram


Entries must be shared on twitter using the #ce14 hashtag and include the handles @kqededspace and @iskme by October 31, 2014


The winner will be selected by a combination of 50% public vote and 50% selection committee composed of educators, media makers, and social media experts. The public can vote for the winner by retweeting and favoriting the twitter entries. The panel will assess twitter entries using the following criteria:

  • Creative representation and interpretation of prompts
  • Engagement and use of technology to create and share media
  • Ingenuity and innovation illustrated in media
  • Clear and concise description of media that is easy to understand
  • Fun and inspirational

The winner will be announced on November 7, 2014 and will be awarded a full registration ($735 value) to attend Big Ideas Fest December 7-10, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California. The full registration includes all activities, speakers, and meals during Big Ideas Fest. Registration does not include hotel and travel.

Big Ideas Fest

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