ISKME's Teachers as Makers Academy 2012


A two day professional development teacher training opportunity for the Maker inside each of us. We will explore Open Educational Resources (OER) and Maker-Teacher collaborations to facilitate innovation in the classroom. The Makers’ projects are points of inspiration for Teachers while they engage in design-thinking activities to create, remix, and share OER Projects with online collaborative tools.

Academy Photos


Day 1:

Morning Session


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Review Goals and Schedule


  • Introduction to online collaboration:
    • Open Educational Resources on OER Commons - access over 30,000 freely available open educational resources (OER) and contribute to OER by tagging, rating, and reviewing resources.
    • How do we define Open Educational Resources (OER)?
      • High quality content and tools
      • Freely available from the internet, anytime, anywhere
      • Available in multiple languages
      • Shareable
      • Usable and re-usable

Lunch 12:30-1:00

Afternoon Session


Maker Teacher Collaboration

  • Maker Projects: Innovative makers inspire teachers with their Maker Projects. Teachers get the opportunity to experience, create, and discuss Maker Projects and reflect on how the ideas covered can be incorporated into their teaching.

San Mateo Makers:

Open Clay Project: using polymer clay to explore fractals and biological science

Open Clay Project

Invented Art: computer science, electronics and kinetic art

Invented Art Sculptures

RAFT: Resource Area For Teachers


Detroit Makers:

District VII Detroit: multi-media art i3Detroit

Arts & Scraps: recycling and learning

Austic Labs: intuitive learning boardgames

Needle Arts 

New York Makers:

Boswyck Farms: hydroponic systems

Adam Matta: bikewheel beatboxing

Jonah Cohen: drawbot

  • Wrap Up & Reflections

Day 2:

Morning Session:


  • Warm Up Yes, And Improv Activity: Vacations
  • Review Schedule of Day 2
  • Tell a story about an example of your teaching around DIY that inspired you in groups of 3
  • DIY Design Challenge Activity: Teachers will review the design process and design challenge, and have time to brainstorm and present their design solutions
  • Prototype Presentations and feedback
  • Photos & more photos of the Design Process and the Living Canopy & Irrigation System using Alternative Energy (ISAE) Prototypes

Design Inspiration - The Metropol Parasol, Sevilla, Spain

Lunch 12:30-1:00

Afternoon Session:


  • Curricular Resources: Search and Tag resources Teachers as Makers, rate, and review resources on OER Commons
  • Reflections on Projects, questions, highlights, and next steps
  • Wrap Up and Closing
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