Shakespeare is Still Relevant!

Warm Up

Students will spend 5 minutes discussing with their table partners any information they know or remember about Williams Shakespeare.  Information may be biographical or relevant to his works. Students will share out their discussions and facts will be placed on a sticky note to be placed on a piece of chart paper in the room.

Have You Ever Heard Of . . . ?

Students will receive a handout entitled "Have You Ever Heard of . . . "  They will be instructed to:

Mark Phrases

Mark phrases that they are familiar with

Select Phrase

Choose one quote to focus on for meaning and then apply that quote to
their own life today

Share Phrase

Share their chosen quote with their table partner

Graphic Organizer

Students will then work with their table partner to complete a graphic organizer to help them create a visual of Shakespeare's phrases.  The visual includes:


Shakespearean Work

Relevance to Today


Students will then choose one or two phrases that they are most familiar with and create a literal illustration of them.

Informational Text

Students will read and annotate "What is Shakespeare to Us and We to Him? Plenty" by Janet Maslin.  While reading, students should circle key terms and underline key claims.  In the margins, they should write what the author is saying and doing.

Group Discussion

Students will get into groups. They will be assigned one or two paragraphs from the article by Janet Maslin.  Each group will discuss the assigned section, summarize in 2-3 sentences, and then select one quote from the article that supports their written summary.  By the end of the discussion about the article, students should begin to realize that Maslin believes that Shakespeare's work is timeless and can be adapted to fit any culture whether it be from the past or present.

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