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New Student Orientation Module | Ducks Have Academic Integrity: Academic Conduct at UO
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This module, Ducks Have Integrity: Academic Conduct at UO, is a part of IntroDUCKtion for all incoming first-years and transfer students at the University of Oregon. Module content is based on current research around why students engage in academic misconduct and what strategies have effectively increased academic integrity (we were particularly informed by The Handbook for Academic Integrity, edited by Tracy Bretag).

The module was developed in collaboration between UO Libraries, the Teaching Engagement Program, and UO Online, and in consultation with Student Conduct and Community Standards. We are grateful to the instructors who shared their experiences and challenges, as this informed the design, and those students who gave feedback, as that feedback was invaluable.

This module was not designed for use in individual classes at the University of Oregon, but rather for all students to go through as part of their new student experience. Response from students so far on the module has been overwhelmingly positive (we sought anonymous feedback from participants), and student reflections about why academic integrity matters and how they can plan for it are insightful and heartening. We encourage other institutions to adapt the module for similar new student experiences.

Please include the following attribution statement in all adaptations:

"Ducks Have Integrity: Academic Conduct at UO" by UO Libraries, TEP, and UO Online is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 | This work is a derivative of Exploring Academic Integrity in Your Research by UO Libraries, and Academic Integrity by Ulrike Kestler

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