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Sustainability and engineering
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This module is intended to give you a broad understanding of issues related to environmental sustainability in the context of engineering. The environmental problems facing our world are becoming more apparent day by day, and the term “sustainability” is used more frequently in the media. This module will explore the concept of sustainability and discuss some of the issues surrounding the subject.

Each chapter will begin with an overview of the content, and will then introduce key factors and the current world systems in place for the subject matter such as energy, materials, food, water and shelter. The social and economic factors of sustainability in an engineering context will also be covered. The problems associated with these systems will then be highlighted, specifically their environmental or social impacts and what part of the systems that could be considered unsustainable. Alternatives will then be introduced and outlined including what options there are and what are the challenges involved in implementing them.

School of Engineering, University of Nottingham

Applied Science
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Full Course
University of Nottingham
Aran Eales
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