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Geology F20 Lectures
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Examines the nature of Earth's interior processes from a geologic perspective. Need not be taken in sequence. Field trips will occasionally substitute for labs, with multiple options to ensure accessibility for every student.

1. Students will develop an effective understanding of the basic concepts, processes, and analytic tools as they are currently understood in the science of geology. Students will able to articulate and describe the fundamental disciplinary models/laws/theories presented as well as the current state of supporting evidence. Within the realm of geology these include fundamental scientific theories such as plate tectonics and geologic time. These courses will expose students to a diversity of topics within the realm of geology and explore the relationships among other scientific disciplines. (ex: chemistry of minerals; fossil record of biologic organisms)
2. Through inquiry-based, hands-on laboratory activities and field experiences students will develop specific experimental skills and knowledge leading to the ability to identify, implement, and interpret scientific information as it relates to geology. Students will apply their knowledge and skills and employ logical scientific methodologies in a variety of numerical and descriptive problem solving situations.
3. Students will enhance their ability to effectively communicate scientific concepts and data via multiple means including visual, oral and written modes using activities such as poster presentations, term papers, computer graphics and modeling, test essay questions, interactive questioning and lab write-ups.
4. Students will be able to evaluate and articulate the application and relevance of specific geology topics to the world around them at a personal, community, and global level. As a result, students will understand the significant role of science and geology in particular in modern society. Moreover, students will become more scientifically literate citizens capable of formulating informed logical opinions regarding the application of science and technology to solving such problems as pollution, energy demands, minerals extraction, and geologic hazards.

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