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Questionable and Open Research Practices in Education Research
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Discussions of how to improve research quality are predominant in a number of fields, including education. But how prevalent are the use of problematic practices and the improved practices meant to counter them? This baseline information will be a critical data source as education researchers seek to improve our research practices. In this preregistered study, we replicated and extended previous studies from other fields by asking education researchers about 10 questionable research practices and 5 open research practices. We asked them to estimate the prevalence of the practices in the field, self-report their own use of such practices, and estimate the appropriateness of these behaviors in education research. We made predictions under four umbrella categories: comparison to psychology, geographic location, career stage, and quantitative orientation. Broadly, our results suggest that both questionable and open research practices are part of the typical research practices of many educational researchers. Preregistration, code, and data can be found at https://osf.io/83mwk/.

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Bryan G. Cook
Jaret Hodges
Jonathan Plucker
Matthew C. Makel
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