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From Meteorology to Mitigation: Understanding Global Warming
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Human-caused climate change represents one of the great environmental challenges of our time. As it is inextricably linked with issues of energy policy, a familiarity with the fundamentals of climate change is critical for those looking to careers in the energy field. To appreciate the societal, environmental, and economic implications of policies governing greenhouse gas emissions, one must understand the basic underlying science. METEO 469 serves to lay down the fundamental scientific principles behind climate change and global warming. A firm grounding in the science is then used as a launching point for exploring issues involving climate change impacts and mitigation.

Applied Science
Atmospheric Science
Career and Technical Education
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Life Science
Physical Science
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Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Brian Gaudet
Michael Mann
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Mastery Tracking Template
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As I am moving my classroom into a more "flipped" model, I need to create tracking systems that give me the data I need to know. This spreadsheet is a tracker that I use in class to track learning on classroom assessments. This is a template that I hope others could download and use to their specifications in class. I also created a pivot table that gives me real-time data on a classroom learning team competition that I created.

*Note: My student names have been replaced with a random numeric code for privacy, but I left the data intact to make it easier to figure out how to use the spreadsheet

**Note: The original source formatting of this document is Apache Open Office 3 Database, but you should be able to open it with MS Excel.

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Teaching/Learning Strategy
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