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Effects of Computerization on Public Child Welfare Practice: An Empirically Based Curriculum
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This multi-component project studied the impact of the implementation of the Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS) on child welfare practice by examining the casework practices affected by computerization, measuring the extent to which these practices were affected by computerization, and identifying organizational and individual factors that influenced the effect of computerization on these practices. Findings showed that the implementation of CWS/CMS did not lead to drastic changes in the ways in which CWSs carried out their daily work; time spent with clients was unchanged. However, the study demonstrated that CWS/CMS led to modest but crucial changes in how workers spent their time on the job, affected the quantity and quality of relationship with coworkers, and changed some workers' attitudes toward their agency and job. (Research Report: 135 pages; Curriculum: 154 pages; Training Academy Curriculum: 111 pages)Weaver, D., Furman, W., Moses, T., Linsdey, D., & Cherin, D. (1999).

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