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Harnessing energy from transitions to solve a problem
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Using inquiry-focused reading, students will explore an anchor text and supporting resources to investigate the principles of transfer of energy with applications of the concept to solve real world problems.

The instructors will prepare a sample presentation and model for students the steps taken to go from a text to the final project. Students will learn annotations, two column notes, and citations, while learning about how chemistry is used to solve real world problems based on the instructor provided materials. The students will then apply those concepts to a different project assigned by the instructors and apply the same strategies to their own texts to demonstrate their application of learning to a different problem.

Over the course of the unit, students will explore a variety of resources to develop their knowledge of energy, measurement of energy, and energy transfer. They will expand their ability to use informational text to support their inquiry and research, explore scientific literature, and develop questions to determine how the application of energy transfer principles can be applied to solve real world problems.

Physical Science
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