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Native Plant Medicinal Garden Design Activity
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As a component of the new Special Topics course on Edible and Medicinal Plants of Montana (S 2017), students are tasked with designing and landscaping a Medicinal Plants of Montana Native Plant Garden. This OER includes documents guiding instructors through the implementation of the project.

Each group is given the approximate dimensions of the garden and the professor presents options for them to consider, e.g., soil and bed preparation, pathways, fencing, and signage. Students are provided with a list of more than seventy plants to consider for placement in the garden. In groups, students research mature height and width of plants, special sun or soil requirements, and potential sources. In this manner, native plant research is spread among the groups and a final document containing all information is posted for group use in design. At the end of four weeks in which some laboratory time is provided for design, each group presents their ideas to the class. After selection of the best ideas from each group, the class is split into larger groups, each competitively presenting the ultimate design to be landscaped on the MSUN campus.

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