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Application of Mathematical Models and Techniques in the field of Statistics.
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Application of Mathematical Models and Techniques in the field of Statistics.

Pawan Kumar Ray
Assistant Professor
Harkamaya College of Education
6thMile Tadong Gangtok


Mathematics is the science of measurement, quantity and magnitude. Developing children's abilities for mathematics is the main goal of mathematics education. Its knowledge is exact, systematic, logical and clear. Mathematics involves the process for intellectual development of mental faculties. Besides the mental ability, mathematics develops some quality like concentration, truthfulness, seriousness and reasoning. Thus, in the words of Locke it is rightly said that, “Mathematics is a way to settle in the mind the habit of reasoning”. Statistics plays a vital role in every fields of human activity. It has important role in determining the existing position of per capita income, unemployment, population growth rate, housing, schooling medical facilities etc in a country. Modeling and Statistics are two branches of applied mathematics. Modeling involves fitting equations to data, usually just approximately. Statistics is the science of uncertainty. Mathematics is the most closely related subject “Statistics” in our daily life. This paper deals with the concept of the Mathematical techniques, Modeling .The Importance & Uses of Mathematical techniques and Modeling in the field of Statistics. It discusses the different Mathematical techniques and Modeling in respect to statistics. The paper also discusses “How to make statistics easy for learner by using Mathematical techniques and Modeling?”
Key words: Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Techniques, Statistics, Population.

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