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Nanomedicine: nanoscience reaches the primary school
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These educational resources have been developed so that primary school teachers can introduce scientific concepts related to the field of Nanomedicine.The contents are a tool for teachers and are intended to be a guide for classroom work. These are contents designed to be adapted according to the needs and criteria of each teacher. They have been developed taking into account the spanish educational curriculum and can freely be adapted to other curricular programmes.This project has been promoted by the Spanish Nanomedicine Platform (Nanomed Spain). Nanomed Spain brings together the main Spanish stakeholders in research, industry and administration in the field of Nanomedicine, in order to promote a common strategy to accelerate the development and introduction of innovative, more effective and personalized therapies in the healthcare system. One of the aims of the platform is to raise awareness of the research and potential of nanomedicine in society by promoting educational projects such as this one.Different entities have participated in the development of this project:Funding: Ministry of Science and InnovationTechnical and didactic support: Institute of Bioengineering of CataloniaEducational advice and pilot test: Gayarre School, Barcelona's public school for infant and primary education within the framework of the Aliances Magnet project.Original content development: Eduscopi

Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Institut for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
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